Samsung Mobile Phones prices in Pakistan.

Mudassar Mirza
RS: 570,000 Galaxy Z Fold 4
RS: 600,000 Galaxy Z Fold 5
RS: 43,000 Galaxy A12
RS: 37,900 Galaxy A03s
RS: 57,900 Galaxy A13
RS: 75,999 Galaxy A32


Samsung, one of the world's leading smartphone manufacturers, has a significant presence in the Pakistani market. With a wide range of smartphones catering to various price segments and consumer preferences, Samsung has established itself as a reliable and popular choice for Pakistani consumers. In this article, we will explore the current pricing landscape of Samsung smartphones in Pakistan and provide insights into the key factors influencing these prices.

Price Segmentation

Samsung offers smartphones in multiple price segments, making them accessible to a diverse range of consumers in Pakistan. The company's product lineup can be broadly categorized into three segments:

1. Budget Segment: Samsung has a strong presence in the budget category with devices like the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series. These smartphones offer excellent value for money and are popular among price-conscious consumers. Prices in this segment typically range from PKR 15,000 to PKR 40,000, depending on the model and specifications.

2. Mid-Range Segment: The mid-range segment includes smartphones like the Galaxy A and Galaxy F series. These devices often come with more advanced features, better camera systems, and improved performance compared to budget smartphones. Prices in this category typically range from PKR 40,000 to PKR 80,000.

3. Flagship Segment: Samsung's flagship smartphones, such as the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, are known for their cutting-edge technology, high-end specifications, and premium build quality. These devices cater to users who seek the latest innovations in the smartphone industry. Prices in the flagship segment can start from PKR 100,000 and go well beyond, depending on the specific model and configuration.

Key Factors Influencing Samsung Smartphone Prices in Pakistan

Several factors influence the pricing of Samsung smartphones in Pakistan:

1. Global Market Trends: Samsung adjusts its smartphone prices in Pakistan based on global market trends. For instance, the introduction of new technologies, such as 5G connectivity and advanced camera systems, can impact pricing as these features are incorporated into newer models.

2. Currency Exchange Rates: Exchange rate fluctuations can significantly impact smartphone prices. A weaker local currency may lead to higher prices for imported smartphones, including those from Samsung.

3. Competition: The competitive landscape in Pakistan's smartphone market plays a vital role in pricing. Samsung often adjusts its prices to remain competitive with other brands, both local and international.

4. Import Taxes and Duties: Import taxes, customs duties, and regulatory fees imposed by the government can affect the final retail price of Samsung smartphones in Pakistan.

5. Seasonal Discounts and Promotions: Samsung, like other smartphone manufacturers, periodically offers discounts and promotions to attract consumers. Seasonal sales events and special offers can provide opportunities for consumers to purchase Samsung devices at lower prices.

6. Model and Configuration: Within each price segment, Samsung offers various models with different specifications and configurations. Prices vary based on factors such as screen size, camera quality, processor speed, and storage capacity.

Where to Buy Samsung Smartphones in Pakistan

Samsung smartphones are widely available in Pakistan through authorized retailers, Samsung Experience Stores, and online marketplaces. Consumers can purchase these devices from physical stores or conveniently order them online, often with the option of doorstep delivery.


Samsung's presence in the Pakistani smartphone market is marked by a diverse product lineup that caters to various consumer preferences and budgets. Understanding the pricing structure of Samsung smartphones in Pakistan is essential for consumers looking to make informed purchase decisions. It's important to keep in mind that prices may fluctuate due to various factors, so it's a good practice to research and compare options before making a purchase. Whether you're in the market for a budget-friendly device or a flagship smartphone, Samsung offers a wide range of choices to meet your needs.

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